Basic job description: I try to hold (the customer’s) hand if they need to be helped. Or consulting can be “okay, here you go” or “let me help you.”

Time in job: A little over seven at Lee’s Supply.

Operating principle: I am my customer’s defense. They are my first priority.

What you love: I love meeting people. I like making people’s dreams come true.

Your first questions: Are you doing a remodel or new construction? Who are you working with? Do you have a size of your room?  Do you know any counter sizes? Do you have a sketch, a drawing, anything?

On kitchens and bathrooms: That’s where the heart and soul is of your home and it’s where people congregate

Customer panic: “Man, I don’t have a drawing, my contractor hasn’t done one yet, I don’t know what I want to do, I have no idea where to start, can you please just look at my bathroom?”

On perspective: You gotta have plumbing – you just have to – but it’s not your heart, it’s not your lungs, it’s not your brain that’s being operated on – it’s just a house, it’s a thing.

Number of brands you know about: I don’t know that I’ve ever counted them so I would say there’s probably 100 or more.

Your business? (We) sell anything that has to do with water.

Every faucet tells a story:  I think older pieces in a house give it character. They’ve got lines in them that speak and have some kind of story to them so I like fixtures that tell a story.


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