Dan Kepner & Ray Jones work at Quality Surfaces, Inc.

On the importance of installers: You’re the last person that the person sees, so you want to make sure that the job is respectable.

Other jobs before this:

Dan: Janitor. . I rodeo-ed for 4 years and all I did for 4 years was drive around. Bull rider and bucking horse rider. Ray: I went to school for culinary arts ‘cause I like cooking and now I guess I ended up in the kitchen. Auto mechanic, auto body.

How stone is cut: A flow jet cuts with water and garnet (which is like sand), water about the size of a pin. / Fabricators use a polishing gun, a grinder with water really.

Weight of countertops: 400-500 pounds. Apiece. / Those are small ones.

Personal record: 1280 pound counter and 2 guys like us trying to get it up some steps.

The art of stone-cutting: You gotta have the touch for it because some materials are real soft and other materials are so hard that you’ll spend all day just trying to get it to shine.

How long did it take you to learn this job? I’m still learning stuff every day from him. / I learn something every day. I may know things that he doesn’t and he knows things that I don’t.

If all goes well: We get everything planed and leveled out, then put our epoxy in the seams and smooth them out. Mount your sink, silicone it to your cabinets.

Challenges: Cabinets out of plane… Also, trying to make it around corners, going around stairs. Trying to get the stone into the houses. / Trying to bend it around corners.

Conversation in the truck: How we’re gonna get there, what the job’s gonna be like. We just try and go over everything before we get there.

Surprises: You’ll see a material in the shop as far as a color and think man, why would anybody pick that out? and then you’ll get it in the house and get it installed and it will turn out to be the most beautiful stuff you’ve ever seen.

Best part: You kinda have to have art ability, like he’s saying, be able to stand back, figure something out, and when you’re done, you’re like wow, that really did feel good. Sometimes you think I didn’t know that I could, but that really did turn out…


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