Translate your job title: Heating, ventilation, air conditioning. Sometimes it’s referred to as HVACR, which is refrigeration.

Nature or nurture? This work – it’s kind of in my blood, in my lineage – my father, his father, and his father were all homebuilders.

Technical terms: Load calculation. Condensing unit. Evaporator coil. Return system. Heat exchanger cells. Hot surface ignition. Combustion blower.

Profit margin: In this industry (it’s) about 3% because it’s very labor intensive.

How it all works:  Whenever matter changes state, when it changes state from a vapor to a liquid, it’s forced to give off heat energy because its mass stays the same but its volume is condensed.

On economics: I want to help you save your money primarily because you’re gonna need your money for other things.  Who wants to spend their money on utilities?

Most efficient green alternative: Passive solar – for heating, not for generating electrical power.  Solar hot water.

On climate change: I’m not a believer in it.

On greening our homes: I want to help people conserve energy and whatever their reason is doesn’t really matter to me just as long as it’s getting done.  I know there’s a finite amount of oil and coal and there’s no reason to pollute just to be polluting.

No one’s ever come to me and said: “Hey, you want a six-figure job?”

Enjoyment: I do enjoy making special duct fitting that can change shape and directions and put thought into it of how air is going to move through this piece of duct.

Good to know: Air likes to follow the curve.


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