For 3 months last summer (2009), a crew of craftspeople tore down every last inch of our kitchen from top to bottom — the black & white floor tiles, white laminate countertop, paneled walls, plaster ceiling, bad plumbing, and miscellaneous unattractiveness — and built us a truly amazing work of art.

With the help of a 2009-2010 grant from the Indiana Arts Commission, I’ve begun work on a series of poem/portraits based on these interviews. I’ve interviewed almost everyone involved in our kitchen transformation and will feature them on this page, perhaps share drafts of my work (haven’t figured that part out yet).

In the meantime, here are some short profiles for your reading enjoyment. I recommend each and every one of these crafts people:

Tracey Cooksey, Insulation

Doc, Carpenter

Nancy Hiller, Cabinet Designer

John Houff, Electrician

Rich Jenkins, Painter

Roberta Kelley, Exterminator

Ron Kepner & Ray Jones, Granite Installation

Eric Petry, Carpenter

Tasha Stafford, (plumbing) Showroom Consultant

Chris Sturbaum, General Contractor

Ron White, Tiles (forthcoming)

Jason Wright, HVAC

Sean & Duane, Plumbers (forthcoming)

Victor & Bruce, Drywall (forthcoming)

Mark & K.K., Floor refinishers (forthcoming)

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